Main canopy «Focus» is designed for training dives on the landing accuracy. Stable deployment, fast twisting and good resistance to wind will be appreciated by paratroopers when completing a task.


  • reliable operation at altitudes below 5000 m above sea level when performing parachute jumps from airplanes and helicopters at an instrumental flight speed of 38.9 ... 69.4 m / s (140 ... 250 km / h) both when put into operation immediately and when any delay in opening the parachute;
  • reliable operation at altitudes from 1200 m to 5000 m above sea level when performing parachute jumps at an instrument flight speed of less than 38.9 m / s (140 km / h) with a delay in opening the parachute of at least 5 s;
  • the minimum safe altitude for using the parachute system is 400 m, with the immediate launch of the parachute at a flight speed of horizontally flying aircraft of 50 m/s (180 km/h);
  • parachute control of the main control installed on the rear risers and additional main control installed on the front risers;
  • stable operation in all parachuting modes with smooth retraction of control lines;
  • overload at the time of filling the parachute - no more than 10 units;
  • the average value of the vertical component of the reduction speed (at maximum flight weight, see table), in the fully released control lines, reduced to the conditions of the international standard atmosphere, - no more than 6 m / s;
  • the average value of the horizontal component of the descent speed (at maximum flight mass, see table) with fully released control lines - at least 10 m/s;
  • stable operation of the dome with smooth retraction of the main control systems to the “pre-dump” mode and holding them in this mode for at least 5 s;
  • 360 ° turn when pulling one control line for a period of not more than 8 s;
  • safety of landing in the wind near the ground up to 12 m/s with the parachutist entering the target against the wind;
  • working capacity at a temperature from minus 40 °С to plus 40 °С;
  • assigned resource - 1000 applications;
  • the designated life of the parachute is 20 years.

Table the ratio of the area of the parachute to the flight weight:

Sq. m Focus 23 (252) 25 (272) 26 (282) 27 (292) 28 (302)
recommended flight weight kg 45-65 50-75 60-85 75-95 85-105
max flight weight 95 105 115 120 125

!!! To exceed the recommended flight mass is it is not advisable.

When operating “Focus” in conditions of exceeding the landing site above sea level, it is recommended to purchase a parachute one size larger.

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