The company Paraavis was founded in 1992 by a team of single-minded people, enthusiastic in aviation sports. The name of the company comes from the prefix para (French parachute, parapente, etc., Latin equal, similar) and Latin base avis (bird).

The main activity of the company is the development and production of human parachute systems and ultralight aircraft, parachutes, paragliders, paramotors and kites. The enterprise carried out a huge research and development, most of the developed equipment is produced serially. A closed cycle of production of human parachutes was created. The construction department has developed a unique software that does not have analogues in Russia, for calculating and designing parachute and paraglider wings, combined with an automated cutting complex. The originality of developments is confirmed by a number of author's certificates and patents. Created its own production base, equipped with all the necessary modern equipment.

From the day of company foundation the following parachute systems were prodeced and successfully operated: special purpose made - Centaur, Spirit-SP, Spirit-Tandem; recovery parachutes SP-32, SP-43; training parachutes - Dolphin, Stealth, Ozone, Segment, Space, etc.

Parachute systems are made of modern materials with allowance made to the latest achievements of human axisymmetric parachutes.

The tactical and technical characteristics of the parachutes correspond to the best world analogues and surpass the existing parachute equipment that is accepted for supply by the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Among our customers are the Federal Protective Service, Federal Security Department, ROSTO, Federal Rescue Service, MIA aviation, Search and Emergency Flights Servicing, Cosmonauts' Training Centre, Federal Goverment Agency, Aviation Search and Rescue Centers, etc.

The company has a license for development, production, testing and repair of aviation equipment. Paraavis is assigned a military acceptance.

We like our work and our sport. We do everything for the reliability of our production and for giving pleasure to our clients.