Cross-country paragliders

New! A glider Ray was created for the experienced for the cross-country pilots and weekend pilots with good piloting skills. For our point of view it is the best option for the safe growth of flight skills and a smooth transition from EN-B wings to higher-class models.

New! Joy-3 is a logical continuation of the line of paragliders  Joy and Joy-2, belonging to the class of wings with maximum flight performance for EN B. When creating the Joy-3, our main task was to improve the aerodynamic quality of the paraglider through the use of new technologies and the improvement of the complex interior structure. At the same time, we managed to preserve and even improve its safety and comfort. As a result, the Joy-3 acquired a fantastic combination of volatility, accessibility and passive safety, which makes the Joy-3 into a class of advanced wings that has been attractive to most pilots for many years to come.

Working on the Rio-II, we wanted to improve some of its characteristics through the use of modern technology (with all basic geometrical parameters of the new Rio we left unchanged). But we've got a tandem, which surpasses the previous model in almost all the major parameters.

Tango Be - "school" tandem, based at the school paraglider Tango.

Simple, reliable and unpretentious, this tandem is ideal for intensive use in flight schools - to get acquainted with paragliding, fly export, commercial tandems in difficult conditions. As a single Tango, Tango Bee good to fly with paramotor as when starting with legs and to fly on a motor trike.

Glider Jazz - designed for graduates of flying schools and for pilots who want to fly for fun. The main quality of this machine: easy start, a pleasant soft handling, excellent maneuverability and high aerodynamic efficiency throughout the speed range, while it is a glider class Afnor Standard. Speed characteristics and excellent handling, and allow us to recommend the Jazz to fly with paramotor.

Tango - is a "school" glider, which absorbed all the best development of our company. Model Tango 28 has the international certificate AFNOR Standart.

Paragliding is very well proved at training of the beginners, as when flying with a winch, and when flying from the slope. It also liked by the weekends pilots, preferring the safety and ease of piloting.