Model: Paraavis GVX 2015

Ruler: 11, 15, 18

Purpose: racing, advanced freeride


We would like to represent our new kite - GVX. This kite has got a big experience in the construction of the sports kites. at the desing stage we have used achievements of the most popular models of Octane-2 and VX. Kite GVX took the stability from Octane-2 and uncompromised racing characteristics of the VX. This model was developing according to the wishes the leading Russian sportsmen, performing in races on raceboards, hidrofoyls and winter disciplines. GVX perfectly goes with all the necessary courses, and behaves stable in the ragged wind.



- Wide wind range
- Balanced load on the bar
- Perfectly goes against the wind
- Very quickly accelerates
- High-speed rotation
- Convenient zipper for blowing down the kite (technology Easy Deflate)
- An effective system of valves with protective net (technology Dirt Protection System)



KiteGVX 11GVX 15GVX 18
Sq, m2      

Wing span teoretic, m

Span on the plane, m      
Q-ty sections      


painting scheme


С1 - base color
С2 - ear
С3 - strip
(two-tone version С3=С1)