Octane II



Kite Octane-II 12 was specifically designed to the requirements of the domestic sport class "Division-8".The span of the kite on the surface - not less then 8 meters. The design of the kite used fan scarves and technology increased stability and comfort of the kite in fitful wind.

Unlike the first version of Octane-II has excellent handling, which significantly extends the lower limit of the new wind kite. Now you can get out of the water on the aquaplaning with less wind force, and better maneuverability improves the speed of the racer in the backstay and gives more fan on the jumps. At that Octane-II saved wide wind range, also high stability, friendliness and comfort in the fitful wind.

Also we have equipped Octane-II  better security system - "5th line" and made a "demountable" the set of long lines - the racer of their choice can use the lines length of 20 meters, or lengthen them to 20 + 5 meters.



Technical data

КайтOctane-II 8Octane-II 12Octane-II 15
мSq, m2 8 11.7 15

Span on the surface, m

6.93 8.38 9.5
Span theoretical , m 6.67 7.95 9
Elongation 6 6 6
Section q-ty 42 42 42


Set: Kite with canopies lines and mixer, a set of long lines (4pcs. lenght 20 meters + 4 pcs. length 5 meters), set of secure system "5th line", bar Ozon, bag for kite packing.






Just this samples of possible colors you can choose your own color scheme (С1 - С2 - С3) when ordering kite:


Color 2 (C2) Color 3 (C3) Color 2 (c2) Color 1 (C1)