Gliders for PPG

The motor paraglider "Tracer" was developed by Paraavis for pilots - sportsmen constantly participating in competitions.
Tracer is characterized by: light start, high maximum speed, maneuverability, a wide range of speeds, and a stable flight on the accelerator.
Paraglider Zorro-II+ was made for tandem flights with powered parachute or with paramotor. For many years a hundreds of gliders of this model were produced which continue to serve faithfully and truthfully to their owner. Zorro-II became a gold standard and main workhorse on the vast expanses of our country.
Zorro-II Be - tandem wing for the comfortable flights on the para trike and paramotor. Easy start. Good controllability, high speed performance, a small load on the control lines make this an attractive glider to fly in tandem. Flying on Zorro, you and your passengers to get real pleasure from the engine flight.

Paraglider Zorro-II was made for flight with motor. Easy start, high speed, wide range of speed, all together with good controlling let you get maximum pleasure from flight with motor. High aerodynamic quality Zorro-II `allows to reduce fuel consumption and increases the possibility of soaring wing. Zorro-II is further improvement of the paraglider Zorro, published in the series in 2005 and is well proven.

Acrobat - paraglider, designed specifically for the flight with paramotor on school-based Tango. Acrobat has a high speed and maneuverability. At the same time it inherited from Tango ease of treatment needed. Now Acrobat - is one of the most famous and the most common in Russia paramotor canopies. On this glider was won the European Championship and World in ultralight aviation motor in the class of single trucks and paramotors.